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  1. While foe beats apex in f2p server and pulls 40+. Eop barely pulls 35 and cant win against apex. 

    No wonder their own high rank post other clans aftermath l000l

    Enjoy being rank last place in f2p. Close already lmaooooo


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    2. Opticals


      this fucking guy dude.... 

    3. DilL


      pkeru wins again

    4. Tyga


      @hotguy we actually pulled more. Considering IR didn’t pull a lot, we told our gmt if they wanted to leave they could 

  2. Eom is so trash lmao

    1. Pker4life


      At least foe has the balls to do three rounds eom is too pussy to even finish. Pathetic shit clan. Close already

  3. Imagine your clan being so ass that you have to post another clans aftermath lmfaoooo I'm so dead wuu2 idiot @17_

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    2. 0ldschooler


      Imagine hating your kids so much, that you ditch them to start a runescape career as a 34 year old man.

    3. Meet Them With Scims

      Meet Them With Scims

      u pulled 38 to a trip and cancelled the next weekend haha

    4. JoJo


      nice 38 pull bro l0l get a grip on ur life

  4. L000l someone please confirmed when was the last time eruption of mains won a prep let alone a mini lmao pure garbage bro

  5. Eom sounds shook. Stay easy kid

    1. Pker4life


      Eruption of mains****

  6. Dude below me is a wanker, a good slave dog. L00l dog Is mad supremacy is killing apex

    1. Anton


      You're doing good against eop :)

    2. Martin Tyler

      Martin Tyler

      lmfao keep going

  7. Foe btw

    Foe-rs.com for ownage

  8. Jeeze. All this xlpc drama about tanks that you dummy's will never stop bringing, yall sound like god damn cry baby's. What do you expect from these recycles xlpcs.

    1. DilL


      heard u wanted to join fs when it reopens lmfao talking about recycled xlpc's and here u are dming fs kids..

    2. Satans


      Ironic, wasn't that you a few weeks ago lol

  9. All I hear eop still wont prep/fullout foe because they know better know. Stay easy 20 def dead clan

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    2. `Prod


      Did you just make a status about how you laugh at weirdos who post staus' about preps LMFAO awkward..

    3. Pker4life


      11 minutes ago, P R O D said:

      Did you just make a status about how you laugh at weirdos who post staus' about preps LMFAO awkward..

      Like I said eop doesnt play fair in wildy so why not beat them and flame the fuck out of them

    4. JoJo


      32 playing rs l0l

  10. I always l0000l at those freaks who are so proud of preps wins/record. Do you dummy's realized preps are for preparation for wildly pking. Smh it doesn't mean shit if you're clan is trash in wildly "cough cough apex"

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    2. Repa


      @Singles this guy Pkeru is legit retarded 

    3. Papa Bear

      Papa Bear

      Weren't we like 5-0 or some shit? lmfao @Mercy I miss playing fortnite with you btw :(

      @RepaYeah i'm tracking

    4. Papa Bear

      Papa Bear

      P.S. Tell Zetro to fucking get on fortnite so we can squad up @Mercy

  11. Envy/bv is so trash

     Aao should be easy boys.

    1. TheReal


      Go look after your kids lmfao

    2. Enza


      1 hour ago, TheReal said:

      Go look after your kids lmfao

      His baby crying and he over here popping blood vessels replying on sharkbrew.. so sad

  12. L0000l at eop trying to hype their dead clan by other clans preps/fullout.. yikes what a joke

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    2. Singles Trip

      Singles Trip

      Bro you can’t even attend weekend trips in your own cape outburst slumped foe grats LMFAO

    3. Logic


      Ob slumping foc lool heard u get sat at every event 

    4. LIT-Files


      eop ez pulling 80+ with mains LOL


      if your so good bring it to clan wars for a full out, oh wait you cant because most of your pull is 40+ def lmfao

  13. Eop ded af

  14. I wonder how many mains will eom use this weekend. Last weekend was 10+ I was right.. maybe 18ish this weekend with how s*** they are

    1. Docker


      It was around 20+ not 10+ lol, they had CD riding their meat swords and slaving for them.

  15. 7 hours of rag and eom broken. Bahahahaha was eazy af

  16. Foe 1# f2p and p2p

    Lmao kyp dog @Apex Shooter

    1. Singles Trip

      Singles Trip

      Stop hl me you still haven’t been in a round in a prep since being in foc

  17. Foe killing eop, fi killing mf, sup killing ir... lmao all these mains clans losing to pure clans.. easy af

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    2. Martin Tyler

      Martin Tyler

      zee owned u fag l0l. u also lost back2back2back f2p preps to apex aka miniwarrer/bridder clan l00l ur confirmed shit at this easy game

    3. JeyB


      shitfits fucking suck Main clan l0000000l

    4. tntprodigy


      you never made ob. you were muted on trips most of the time and during rank meetings you piped down so dont try to pipe up now when literally only 1 person in outburst liked you and he was a spastic also. after fs left you didnt make ob dont even try if it wasnt for us judgement kids to come help ob woulda closed way earlier all you did was make other leave and not wanna join

  18. Join 1# p2p n f2p lpc for killer action 


  19. Heard foe bully eom so bad they had to come in rag for their reminder of there shitty trip. Someone confirm please l000l

    1. JoJo



  20. you know you broke eom when they use over 10 mains and try to spam flame w/  @TBR slave with 17 cd mains. foewinsagain

    1. Bronze Longsword

      Bronze Longsword

      Ye u got fucking smoked today lmfao hold this L pussy

    2. Pker4life


      @Bronze Longsword you had over 15 mains... are you stupid or just plain out stupid? learn to pure clan bro

  21. I wonder how many mains will eom bring this weekend....my bet is at least 10

    1. Noum


      be scared pussy l0l

  22. L0000l eom on suicide watch

    When's closing date?

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    2. step 2
    3. Vaultz45


      Pkeru300 dont pipe up 

    4. Meet Them With Scims

      Meet Them With Scims

      No one liked pkeru in outbird lmfaoo, chalu told me that if ob didn't close they would've kicked this fatass for being dogshit and braindead


  23. So much propaganda eom spews out its embarrassing.  We all know what happen lol get smoke 

    1. Pker4life
    2. Noum


      we got 20 killpics on u lmfao, learn 2 cycle retard.

    3. M00


      indeed we all know happened 4415711fad9cb8741fbfce82dfd9e7c7.png

  24. eom pulled 30 to a p2p prep rolf

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