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Welcome To Sharkbrew

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First and foremost, we'd like to welcome you to Sharkbrew. We are the largest nest for clans to come on and communicate, let off some steam, post their event aftermaths and hang around. The clanning scene in RuneScape itself has been active for over 10+ years. We hope to keep this long tradition going, and keep the scene active, healthy and competitive!

On our community, we care about security first. We have employed several measures to assure this. For example, everyone is assigned a random but unique IP address, meaning that your original address is untraceable. Everyone also shares the exact same IP on our Teamspeak server as well. We have two-step authentication available for those wanting the extra layer of security too. Keep safe.



Make sure you familiarize yourself with the rules. We keep a cool approach to people's behaviour and try not to silence, and while we do love banter, we do expect you to behave as well.






We play host of communication for clans on several areas.

SwiftIRC: #sharkbrew

Teamspeak: ts.sharkbrew.com

Discord: https://discord.gg/zx9nSNq

Clan Chat: N/A

There are individual rules for each one which are presented to you upon connecting.

REMEMBER: Be cautious of clicking any links - people can grab your original IP address through links to fake/phishing sites.




The clanning scene has been active for over 10+ years and we have accumalated a mass of history. If you would like to view histories of clans, events, as well as guides and tutorials, visit our wiki.





Thank you very much for reading this topic. We hope to see you around!


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