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announcement RED vs. BLUE xLPC Event

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Goodjob to all clans that participated and gave their members mega action! The results turned out in favour of the Blue team 2-1. Congratulations Outburst and Special Forces. The link to the topic; https://www.sharkbrew.com/community/index.php?/topic/36581-blue-vs-red-100v100-2-1/



Talked to a few people, and turns out nobody was doing signature. Agreed to do it myself etc.


Ok so I made an animated signature but some parts are transparent which forces for white pixels unless the matte is the same colour as the forum background. Now because this signature is likely to be used on more than 1 community (i.e. different background colours) I had to make individual ones for each forums:








Special Forces



If you need it in any other background colour let me know.


Thanks to:

Sharkbrew staff for organizing event and turning up.

Lenin for gfx.

xLPC clans and mature ranks for coming on and giving their members action.



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