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As we have upgraded our forums last week. We've been looking forward to releasing new systems and new content for our community.  This calls for new people to be promoted for their work and attitude around our community. We will be promoting some of Gatekeepers to Mediator! 


Further a-do,

Welcome back an old face and welcome a familiar face! 


@Tyendinaga - As an individual and as a friend, he has looked out for the best community and analyzed different POVs. He is a someone that works hard and tries to stand up for lower clans  to higher clans. Welcome back, old friend. We expect greatness from you! 

@Whisky - We have asked you to take a position on this community forums for quite some time. You don't let your personal opinion get ahead of you. Since we've upgraded to these forums, you have helped us with small issues on the forums. I personally hope to see you find a passion within Sharkbrew and ride with it! 


Gatekeeper -> Mediator 

@B-ryan - You have thought about outside of the box for different systems for Sharkbrew. You're not afraid to voice out your opinions and you truly care for the betterment of the community. From the point, you have been promoted, you have always offered your help even when it was for small tasks. I hope with this promotion, your eagerness doesn't change. Keep up the good work! 

@Koed Beastly - You're a hard-worker. You are someone who works for perfection and nothing less than that. You won't stop putting work into a project until its finished. As for you, @Koed Beastly I also hope for you that this doesn't change with this promotion.


@B-ryan & @Koed Beastly you have both earned this promotion. Make us proud! 


Ambassador & Mediator Applications

As our systems are down.. Don't hesitate to message me on Sharkbrew Messenger or IRC. 

Our requirements for Ambassadors

  • Must have a ML
  • You must be a rank and evidence of being one on your header. 


Message me on regards of being a Mediator 



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Congratulations @Whisky @Tyendinaga

I've had my differences with both of you regarding our clans but I know for a fact that you 2 care alot about the community!

Welcome to the team boyzzz, looking forward to work with you guys :D


@B-ryan oh gawd no! Biased AF! 

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