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I owe a formal apology.

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Might as well make this public, i am 416 toronto and i snaked a brother that was a friend of mine for 20m by exposing him to a clan that did both of us wrong , i might as well make this topic and just admit that i did him wrong & gave him the idea to do something & i snaked him in the process by setting him up, ive said a lot of bad shit to everyone on this site & sorry if i flamed u guys, call me a downy or whatever but i needed to make this post just to take some shit off my chest, majority will flame but whatever just thought id make a formal apology to a friend i once had, the trust is broken but i need to do this for the sake of doing something right for once.@Lowriders

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Everyone makes mistakes. Its how you represent yourself moving forward that will effect your image to the clan world or not. A few will hold grudges, but most won't.

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