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cwa Divine vs. Immortals - Official 35v35 Prep (2-1) Ft. IMT Leadership Demoralized

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Interested In Joining Divine #1 xLPC? PM a High Council+ Rank For More Info!

Discord: https://discord.gg/BJx3DMC | Clan Chat: Divine Clan | Clan Cape: Team-18



Round One (Defending): Loss


Round Two (Attacking): Win

DV Starting: 32

IMT Starting: 32

DV Ending: 29

IMT Ending: 0

Round Three (PKRI): Win

DV Starting: 33

IMT Starting: 33

DV Ending: 19

IMT Ending: 0

IMT kids after the prep lmfao:

Angry Classic Reaction GIF



@Sharkbrew Warrior


@Shy King


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Just now, Koldkilla97 said:

No surprise here there is a reason imt pay snipe teams every weekend to have a +20 cuz we all know what happens matched. Funny part is they lose +20 anyways


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We lost our first round cause everyone was still sober from the exclusive party's last weekend..
So we told ourselves to wake the fuck up it's time to put the money on the table so we went all in and this is what you get.

Divine #1 baby.:Cheers:

Also I saw some ex members sitting with IMT get ur asses over to our boards we threat you with better results and leadershipment.

Also IMT How does it feel thinking you would've won and then still get dicked in the end.
pipe down to your official daddies.

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