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announcement 2000 users & Discord restructuring

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Discord Moderator

I have scrapped the discord moderator rank as it is too restrictive a rank for people who genuinely want to help out in all aspects of the pure community.

Discord Restructuring

I would like to thank everyone for their support as our discord is going to hit 2000 users woot!!!

Realistically, Sharkbrew discord is primarily used for minis and generally flaming each other, but for most instances, I have seen general healthy conversations that take place most of the time. Our goal is to encourage and nurture both aspects.

In light of the growth of activity, I would like to push for some changes, that I have yet to finalized this with my ranks, but on paper, I am looking to implement the following:

  • If you are engaged in a flamewar, Sharkbrew ranks will not take action on any personal attacks against you.
  • Sharkbrew staff members who are engaged in a flame wars will not have the authority to dish out any warns/mutes/bans unless IRL information is being posted.
  • Failure to heed rightful instructions from a Sharkbrew rank will result in a warning, which is then upgraded to a ban or a mute if you fail to comply

I would like some feedback to the above changes

New Ranks

We are looking to bring back WCOTM/COTM, and in the spirit of fair moderation, we are looking for clan members from clans who are severely underrepresented in Sharkbrew rank team. If you have about 30 mins a day to spare to the Pure Community, I urge you to sign up at the link in the header above.


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