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Irrelevant Outcasts (io)

Recruiting all non-toxic pures!
2 months old, and already with 150+ members, daily rev/multi trips with 15-30 average daily pull in US timezone.

We are here to find action, and have a good time, avoiding all the regular BS the pure scene offers.

Weekly PVM events, and soon to be starting weekend p2p trips on sundays!

*Currently looking for experienced members interested in rank or warlord positions*


Public cc: "io cc"

Combats: ALL Combats welcome 1-20 def

Timezones: Mainly US Timezone, and smaller groups in EU timezone.

Rules: NO Racism, No flaming (unless otherwise provoked).

How to join:

PM Control#6787 on discord, with your SB username!
We have scouts in most discords and do NOT allow multi clanners unless otherwise specified!

First video:


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