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@Bibii- Having transitioned over from the W308 discord, Bibii has always been meticulous with the systems he has been assigned to while also looking out for problems that are not within his domain of responsibility. An excellent rank who is proactive to work with.

@FLOWER- Being one of the newer gatekeepers to the rank team, he has taken to the ground running by volunteering to maintain the ELO league & running events. Even inspite of his IRL work, he has always put time for the community and I am impressed with the work he has done.

@Purefect- Despite the heavy demands placed on him by his IRL work, Adrolt has always had the heart for the scene and he has been putting in constant work to help the community. His notable achievements include the NTPC, NA vs EU events & the ELO league system. Unfortunately he will be temporarily retiring in Feb, so let us celebrate his presence with this promotion

Community Support

I would say majority of Sharkbrew ranks are either retired from the game, or aren't taking an active role in their clans. While this mitigates the bias of a community site being run by players from a select clan, this has also affected our ability to be up to date of the happenings in game. Therefore we are launching the community support rank to interested players who may not want the full responsibilities of a Sharkbrew rank, but simply wants to help the community.

Congratulations to @Lord Ex

If you want to become part of community support, drop me a DM on Discord with your proposal, and we can discuss further


11:14 PM] Lord Ex: but I want to rank weekend trips
[11:14 PM] Lord Ex: thru video submittal then community feedback thru poll
[11:14 PM] Lord Ex: atm if we did it
[11:14 PM] Lord Ex: like 2-3 clans
[11:14 PM] Lord Ex: have the majority of the ppl on sb
[11:15 PM] Lord Ex: but once we start running wcotm/cotm smoothly and ppl see a reason to be involvd in a non toxic community thats providing good service to the community
[11:16 PM] Lord Ex: we could start offering a tangible platform for ppl 2 actually be ranked in the wildy weekly then depending on where u clan fell out of the 4 week ranking
[11:16 PM] Lord Ex: ud get the avg and it would be the clans wilderness weekend rank
[11:16 PM] Lord Ex: or something of that nature


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On 1/15/2020 at 10:24 PM, pam said:

please demote dill, he abuses his powers regularly

i agree, @slushpuppy only promote ppl who have showed to power abuse. theirs no comming back from here. GG sharkbrew was fun while it lasted

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