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  1. RD Skillz

    weekend Hydra's first weekend trip: killed it.

    if annyone can find me a worse video as this one on this site i'd honestly be impressed
  2. RD Skillz

    pure/midweek 1v1 PKRI vs Misfits (Cleared x2)

    kijk soms hier nog, ff kijken hoe t met dn belg gaat en sup ofc
  3. RD Skillz

    pure/midweek 1v1 PKRI vs Misfits (Cleared x2)

    @Couck lekker bezig belg
  4. RD Skillz

    pure/pkri Misfits vs OB F2P PKRI + CLW FT50

    gz picking up on f2p nice action
  5. strong pull gratz on good trip
  6. RD Skillz

    zerk/tank Vengeance Monday Unofficial 4/2/18

    gz veng
  7. RD Skillz

    Free Agent

    px is the place to be
  8. RD Skillz

    Legends of P2P

    gz on win
  9. RD Skillz

    PX Rank Tries to IP Grab me

    shouldnt be happening in a clanning rivalry on runescape.com imo.
  10. RD Skillz

    pure/weekend Fatality Saturday FT. PX/AAO

    dope gfx
  11. RD Skillz

    clan wars [Phoenix vs Fatality] [F2P PREP] [2-1]

    thanks for fight FI