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  1. RD Skillz

    GMT/(Fuhlex) re-intro

  2. RD Skillz

    pure account pure clan

  3. RD Skillz

    weekend Fatality P2P Sunday Obliterating Clumps

    good clean action
  4. RD Skillz


    other pieces are like 40m tho but atleast it nice to see for once
  5. new clans might be able to give u action with no mains the others I don't have hope for
  6. RD Skillz

    lpc Legacy ~ #1 OSRS Pure Clan ~ Legends Never Die

    GL could be great for the scene
  7. RD Skillz

    Who teamed with more clans last sunday?

    just happy they decided to actually fight tbh
  8. RD Skillz

    weekend Hydra's first weekend trip: killed it.

    if annyone can find me a worse video as this one on this site i'd honestly be impressed
  9. RD Skillz

    pure/midweek 1v1 PKRI vs Misfits (Cleared x2)

    kijk soms hier nog, ff kijken hoe t met dn belg gaat en sup ofc
  10. RD Skillz

    pure/midweek 1v1 PKRI vs Misfits (Cleared x2)

    @Couck lekker bezig belg
  11. RD Skillz

    pure/pkri Misfits vs OB F2P PKRI + CLW FT50

    gz picking up on f2p nice action
  12. strong pull gratz on good trip