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announcement Micro-Promotions!

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Micro-Promotions For Mediator's


@@Nixon -> 9971a998af05c745578ff9afdbfcba7e.png  Silver Hammer

@@Fake Smile -> 9971a998af05c745578ff9afdbfcba7e.png  Silver Hammer

@ -> 9971a998af05c745578ff9afdbfcba7e.png  Silver Hammer

@@Seven -> 9971a998af05c745578ff9afdbfcba7e.png  Silver Hammer



Micro-Promotions For Gatekeeper's


@@B-ryan -> e6117b0be56fc3daa6f36062dc631ecf.png  Bronze Hammer

@@Koed Beastly -> e6117b0be56fc3daa6f36062dc631ecf.png  Bronze Hammer




#UyO5XIc.pngGatekeeper Promotions!



@@Lee (FI Representative)


Remember these promotions are on a 2 week trial, if we feel you aren't active enough or provide enough to the team you will be given your previous rank back. 


On a side note, you should always remember through the beginning aspects of your promotion we look for acts of bias and immaturity so steer clear of that or you can expect a swift demote. 


Golden Service Mark 66f9e9658d1707e94b935de87254d1fd.png will be handed out to those who have helped out in finding new systems and helped participate in running SharkBrew Events.



Demotion (Both Stepped Down)


@@Soniqs (Busy IRL)

@ (Busy IRL)

@@Robbyy (Busy IRL)



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