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announcement COTM Tiebreaker Bets/[SITE DOWNTIME] IPB4 Upgrade

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Due to popular demand, I have decided to create the bet for PX vs UB prep.



On Saturday 7th Oct, 1AM-5AM EST- I will be upgrading sharkbrew to the latest version of IPB, IPB 4.2.5. During this period, the forums/site/memberlist/wiki will go offline. Due to the scale of this upgrade, majority of sharkbrew systems will be taken offline until I finish coding through the features. This includes forum cosmetic upgrades like the sharkwallet, clan hats, etc.



Priority will be assigned to key clanning systems such as the memberlist system.



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Make sure we don’t get hacked again so try to keep it secured and not “forget†bout something


"lmfao we didn't close, we are on vacation"



"sorry guys we closed, pls give me money to keep the site up coz i can't afford $5 godaddy hosting"

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when systems are back up, if cd leaders sent over the images they would be added.

Oohh real, I'll see if someone can make a lil gfx, of purple hat + CD logo like the Rage/uB ones, tyty, reversed some of my disdain for you :)

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