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cwa Apex vs EOP | P2P Prep 3-0 | Still #1 P2P Matched BTW

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Apex P2P Prep - October 4, 2018

Today Apex massed up 60 buff sharks for a P2P prep vs Eruption of Pures. After sharpening our teeth in preperation, we took home a solid 3-0 win. Thanks for the prep, EOP!

Still #1 P2P Matched BTW.


Round 1: Victory

Apex Starting/Ending: 35/18

EOP Starting/Ending: 35/0

Round 2: Victory

Apex Starting/Ending: 35/25

EOP Starting/Ending: 35/0

Round 3: Victory

Apex Starting/Ending: 31/18

EOP Starting/Ending: 31/0



Jeyes POV

Mewho POV

Nranges POV

5teel POV

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1 minute ago, Moni said:

There’s 5 days to prep and you only want to do friday vs foe lol


sup wont p2p prep u

fi wont p2p prep u

ir wont p2p prep u

eop wont prep u

u can die off doing no p2p preps for all we care lil niga. if u want a shot @ our #1 p2p belt - u can any friday @ 6:30 pm est

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