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cwa Outrage Vs Supremacy ~ F2P Prep ~ 2-0

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Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019; Outrage massed up peaking at around 40 members for our scheduled F2P prep with Supremacy. We came into this prep with a lot of doubt on whether we could secure a win as Supremacy to the rest of the pure scene is miles ahead in F2P CWA based on their recent wins. But to our surprise, the listening from each and every single one of our members, as well as binds, were on point, helping us take a 2-0. Thank you for the fight Supremacy, looking forward to more.






Round 1;

Outrage Starting: 33 - Outrage Ending: 19

Supremacy Starting: 33 - Supremacy Ending: 0


Round 2;

Outrage Starting: 32 - Outrage Ending: 17

Supremacy Starting: 0 - Supremacy Ending: 0


Round 3;

caught sup off guard by this so we wont claim it

















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