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Rage End Supremacy's 1v1 in ten minutes [Full Clear]

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We got word that Supremacy was fighting Purge at GDZ, so we quickly gathered 25 Bears to put an end to the fight. The fight was clearly a team on crash, as Sup and Purge done their best to keep our Bears at bay but it simply wasn't enough. 

We held the hut single piling any piss or red hat that entered before making a swift move south east to finish off purge leaving Supremacy all alone. We dropped all their pures and mains within seconds, and caught the final 4 that remained in a 4 man.

As we finished them up west of the hut, we moved back east to Gdz expecting there to be a return unit however there was no return unit - Supremacy and Purge knew it was over.

We grabbed a fall in, and began to spam hoping that might tempt them to return but as expected they weren't up to the challenge.

 Supremacy are you starting to realise that this is rivalry you weren't ready for?











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2 minutes ago, Slumpremacy for close said:

Supremacy pulled more than 7 to a mid week? Unfucking heard of. 

Rage most active, and number one btw  


big facts feels good to be rage 

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