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Clanbrew/sharkbrew tournament re-run


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A couple of weeks ago, sharkbrew quarterbacked a clanbrew tournament with the goal of maintaining activity in the clan wars arena. Unfortunately throughout the tournament period, @Kimhad been approached by members of the tournament demanding that she handle the various tournament issues:

team members being subbed midway into the tournament


rules not being enforced equally:



Reason why they were getting DQ'd and what was defined as irl flame



DQ for certain team members






No DQ for others:



excessive personal attacks towards tournament hosts:

Dozens of messages in SB discord attacking Paige and her family




non administrative parties affecting integrity of the tournament:

tournament members being baited in dms by non-staff members


It is unfortunate that while clanbrew originally hosted this tournament, they didn't even get a mention in dull's sig



tournament members being privy to tournament rank decisions



As a result of the aforementioned shitshow, I have demoted the following ranks:

Paige - leaking staff logs to members of the community

Wouxi - For creating the fake victory signature for dull to enable him to mock other tournament members. Award concept is similar to our end of the year award to spite the GFXER.

Additionally, I will personally be taking charge of this tournament from now onward



With the release of the latest announcement from clanbrew ranks, they have decided to terminate the tournament midway leaving quite a lot of unhappy tournament participants who are asking Sharkbrew to take over.

Unfortunately this issue is not quite so straightforward as there are creases we have to iron out before we can take over fully:




  1. We will not tolerate such abusive attacks against tournament staff even inspite of the obvious favoritism and if you want us to continue, we will require team ranks, whose members were part of the abuse, to make an apology on behalf of their members to Paige

2.With clanbrew out of the picture, there may be a decrease in prize money. Do note that you may not be competing for the original prize but we are setting aside at least 250m for this tournament continuation

3. We will require memberlist lock with substitutes

4. There will be some rule revision but we wish to stick to the core aspect of promoting a competitive environment with less toxicity

5.Should we continue or restart the tournament?


Some of clanbrew's tournament rules may appear excessive however we could see that their original aim was to create a healthier tournament that didn't reek of toxicity.


Team leaders you will be added to a group chat on discord to await your decision on the above 5 points


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this is cringe, just let people play.. policing a scene which is dying and leaderships that have been literally at peoples throats for years is pointless. 


image.png.0eb874281e111e762034354afdddfc2c.png  No way you DQ'd someone for a rsn 


All the mini kids play for everyone anyway so there's no need to enforce something here, just let the team captains decide and if they lose a mini, guess what? YOU LOST. stop crying over disputes and grow up




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