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  1. 100 mains might stand a chance as long as their 100 pures are that trash quality it will always be this easy!
  2. i got a camtasia video with my cape counter settings open that show 0 (yes i think that far ahead) you know ur entire rank team cant compete with me when it comes to using their brain been doing this on rs since b4 90% of yall clanned l000l
  3. very poor propaganda video with such a late pov i thought you would do better!
  4. 90 starting + your mains + fi + af + rev and not one of you can return within 15 seconds yikes! china man wins!
  5. LOL rage please send better then this retard to come @ me on my topic this one of your lvl 55 1st year clanners isn't it @IamjohnC
  6. no need to act, all jokes aside its pretty obvious rage took on more then they could handle. unlike supremacy (and rage) foe is not a masser clan. you will not beat us in the wildy mains or pures, you will not accept a full out or high opt prep. the quality in your member base is nowhere close to foe's and your leadership avoid for that simple reason (having raised your founder niblet i can imagine him shaking at the thought) 😕 tldr in terms you can understand: rage propaganda clan lmfaoo accept the full out pussy
  7. so 100v100 cwa f2p and p2p? have any rank PM Danny or K2P right now! doubt they
  8. whole lotta rage people viewing but very silent mane... thought all those virgins mandatory had to post on sb... it is what it is i'll leave this here n dip den
  9. help @tntprodigyi think i broke this @IamjohnCkid from sb aswell prod tell him im jk rage are the only clan who take sb seriously bro its jokes he shouldn't feel bad for trying...
  10. i agree legacy did what rage couldnt! and rage are yet to answer foe's 100v100 cwa requests!
  11. @IamjohnCi wouldn't reply either after an embarrassing performance like that!
  12. should start getting the next one ready: :kekw:
  13. 0 wins for you too LOL!
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