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cwa Final Ownage Elite vs Supremacy 55v55 F2P Prep 2-1

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After an undisputed #1 Saturday trip, we scheduled a 55v55 prep vs Supremacy in clan wars. They were kind enough to give us the fight so we rolled up with 70 elites for a very competitive and fun fight. We messed up a few times throughout the first round but had a clutch round 2 win and a very convincing round 3 win to end the prep. Strong performance the last couple rounds, really well fought from Supremacy. First clw fight we have had in awhile but came out with the dub.


Good job to those that came, see you for a huge P2P trip tomorrow.

GF Sup.



Round 1: Defeat


Round 2: Victory

Final Ownage Elite Starting/Ending: 57/13
Supremacy Starting/Ending: 57/0


Round 3: Victory

Final Ownage Elite Starting/Ending: 55/41
Supremacy Starting/Ending: 55/0




~Ryan Old Pears

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7 minutes ago, puppyslush said:

idgi. Sup goes from losing 3-0 to xlpcs to besting foe in 1 round f2p in a 55v55

The prep vs vendetta was made up of primarily new members/applicants to get some practice.


Really strong performance made by FOE today. Nice song btw utc

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