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announcement [VOTE] Tournament Poll


74 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you be interested in signing up for team-entry mini tournament?

  2. 2. Would you be interested in signing up for team-entry prep tournament?

  3. 3. Sharkbrew 2 V 2 Tournament

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Good morning, 

Staff have been in discussions of what type of event to kick off the year with. We have taken note of certain community conflicts going on between clans. The best event, we could think of are team based entry tournaments. There was an interest for a mini tournament to be held in January, I hope those same groups will come forward for a fantastic turnout. 

When will this tournament be held?

  • We're working out logistics in Sharkbrew HQ and giving out roles to staff members. We're hoping to begin the first rounds of tournament(s) in the ending of February or the first week of March. 

What do you mean by team based entry? 

  • You can create a team for the purpose of entering this tournament. Whenever your group is in different clans, they'll be allowed to enter the tournament with you. 

What will the rules be for said tournament or event?

  • We will be hosting topics within team ambassadors section/public discussion after this weekend. 

Huh? Why are 2 v 2s a question within this poll?

  • Our third question was a suggestion using channel #support within our discord. If you have any suggestions for our discord or for Sharkbrew in general. Post it in #support. The message will automatically deleted and be placed in a staff channel for staff members to discuss. 







Join our discord for discussions pertaining to the events!

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Just now, BODAK said:

would rather do clan v clan

The problem is, will every clan sign up to fight their rivals? Clan ranks hold back their members currently from more action. We hope with allowing members/free agents the liberty of signing up a team, it'll encourage more action within the scene. 

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21 minutes ago, Kim said:

A clan can sign up their team as "Final Ownage Elite" 

So I can sign up a team of 100 to fight Apex's 100?

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1 hour ago, DMK Killa said:

Yes. Good for the scene.


Just now, Lee said:

yea id be down to do all 3, even if i'd get dicked in the 2v2

and i know dudes in Fatality would love to participate in this as well

loving the positive vibes

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