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    Negative reputation fixes

    After giving someone a negative reputation, you will be prevented from giving negative reputations for sometime
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans hope everyone has a good day. Also, mashed potatoes w/gravy and turkey is the goat.
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    Some recent GFX

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    Misfits midweek ft. Foe

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    Negative reputation fixes

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    Negative reputation fixes

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    Zenith kJ

    Happy Thanksgiving

    happy thanksgiving mohamed monir @Moni
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    Something something pk video

    very slow nh pker but good quality
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    Something something pk video

    Litty mctitty @mcbaevid
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    Something something pk video

    this might be the only thread that has no negativity written on it, amazing. daddy yankee was a wise choice
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    kk make another ags gif video
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    what fighting envy looks like

    What the fuck is envy telling their members LOL
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    How Desperate?

    (poop emoji if mad @ eop ir jaja apex) Your leadership had the opportunity to have a legendary 120v120 pure vs pure fight but they knew exactly what would happen which is why you brought 60 mains (ruining all of your credibility). 2 weeks of hyping up this weekend and you only managed to pull 110 people where Foe had 4 days to prepare and peaked at 125. Down 40-60 in game for 80% of the F2P trip and went to singles multiple points in the fight (auto loss). Brought 65 mains (had 40 JaJa in their capes) in P2P and took a fake ending at GDZ while Foe had 100 in game at gap (where the fight moved to). If only you knew that lying to your members and claiming fake wins will only make you worse and worse. Seems like you are still butthurt over you anniversary where you took the biggest L in 13 years of pure clanning. Over at FOE we only make sigs like this for REAL victories, not fake ones. Good luck trying to be us LOL.
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    Lmao, @DULL has a face like a bag of smashed crabs, lives in a trailer along with fellow rednecks shooting at cans and glass most of the day, all the while e dating someone who would prob fuck him in the ass instead of him doing the fucking and you're worried about this retard? He threatened me, couldn't do shit and I laughed in his ugly face. Kid will always be a bully victim and get raped by his family all day long.
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    Remember when this retard @DULL tryed making a clan with his virtual girlfriend @Caroline
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    Looking for a clan just started osrs

    Make a tank and join envy