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    Today i was scrolling down on sb's dead boards and came across a topic from proccy from 2 weeks ago where he claims he would pay anyone 500M to find him a clan that's more dead than fi: https://gyazo.com/f02d05381a3eea6bdb0b2225c05ae5e3 so i decided to accept this generous offer this is why fo is more dead than any other clan : 1-final mains didn't have a single intro for 18 days now and not a single recruit application for 23 days https://gyazo.com/ce8efec90973ef92719b0ea54f47c5dd x 2-fo pulled 12 to a big mini vs bp with 1 week prep when it was set as a 20v20 this last week : 3- fo underpulled again for a 20v20 vs sup and had to bring a lvl 82 with a master wand: 4- is down to old 30 years old washed up k2p as a snipefreezer when he just got sniped in a 12v12 by bp lmfao 5-final mains are unable to wear their capes in sunday and can't even move in singles without their mains in the fallin 6-fo didn't have a topic for neither saturday or sunday this week after claiming they were "winning the rivalry" 7-fo's pull have been heavily decreasing ending with sub 50 2 weeks in a row now @proccy no way u gon have to pay me 500M now L000000000L
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    Discord: Y2YPC8 | 'Wolves Den' CC ✞ ✞ ✞ Today we massed up 30 shooters for our scheduled F2P PREP vs Rage. We've faced off vs Rage in the purple portal many times, so we were eager to win this after our KO win vs Fatality last week. All three rounds were extremely competitive, as two of the best F2P pure clans went at it. R2 & R3 we were able to secure the wins. R3 featured Lord Ex power going out (l0l) so shouts out to Shawn and Atoms for stepping up and calling. Thanks to our friends in Rage for the fights. Hope to do more soon! Round 1 (Loss) Terror Starting : 30 Rage Starting : 30 Rage Ending : 6 Round 2 (Win) Terror Starting : 30 Rage Starting : 30 Terror Ending : 10 Round 3 (Win) Terror Starting : 30 Rage Starting : 30 Terror Ending : 16
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    My favourite mornings are the ones where I wake up and my biggest fan @ELEKTHEGREAThas made a topic about me If you would like me to leave the empty space inside your head, trade rsn Proccy 2b!
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    final ownage is completely dead #savefom

    theres no way proccy got u so rustled with 1 screen shot and like 20 words 3 weeks ago that you made a thread with 7 bullet points and screenshots (at least 4 of said bullet points are false fwiw)
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    @Murd where to now 😂

    @Murdwhere to now
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    is it just me or does this say Anal Ownage Elite
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    Terror v Rage | 30 v 30 | F2P PREP (2-1)

    gf heard foe and supremacy is planning a mass merge to sv while they watch us prep
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    Berserk vs PH | F2P Prep [3-0]

    We the best French country clan!
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    Terror v Rage | 30 v 30 | F2P PREP (2-1)

    good fight terror!
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    @ELEKTHEGREAT that lvl 82 tanked out 3 cb 107's beat that mfer
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    Terror v Rage | 30 v 30 | F2P PREP (2-1)

    Good shit! you guys have really improved lately. !Loc Sup/Fo/Apex
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    Terror v Rage | 30 v 30 | F2P PREP (2-1)

    Ex skimping on the bills again....
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    Terror v Rage | 30 v 30 | F2P PREP (2-1)

    Biggest achievement for Terror. Congrats.
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    mass merge open cc main clan on 1250 total mains just to get gwassed on 50 ports, sad!
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    @orgasmstype for me please
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    Terror v Rage | 30 v 30 | F2P PREP (2-1)

    whos next
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    rage/fi/ly/terror getting continuous cwa preps while apex/zenith/sup/foe do nothing
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    Low energy, Low stamina, beta boy @Murdjumping ship from the sinking fi. 7th clan in 3.5 years! Foe did this to you boyo
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    150 vennies on ur dumb ass.

    150 vennies on ur dumb ass.
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    Rage Vs Fatality | F2P Prep [3-0]

    idk whats worse.. not signing up at all or signing up and avoiding l0l fo and apex big pussy clans still scared to lose in 2k21. gj rage
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