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pure account 10+ years' pure clanning exp

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Hey Lads,

Looking for a strong P2P clan who has a lot of GMT activity. My clanning experience started in 2007-2008 with the likes of TLP and MM. 

I am fairly active and mostly looking for good activity through the week. I will be able to make around 4/8 weekend trips.

Most important is quality > quantity and also a good mature environment.

Hit me up with suggestions! I know EOP/FOE are the only ones still around.



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2 minutes ago, Rogan said:

Thanks for the responses. I’ll check out foe and misfits now. I tried looking at apex but there website is down?

Slushpppy pulled the rug under their feet and cut hosting, they are going to get it fixed soon, but Apex seems to be the best choice if you enjoy p2p clanwars. IR is still around aswell you could try them out for midweeks and f2p side. Misfits probably most active midweek clan, but only do p2p, in wilderness and very little clanwars.

Most of the clans here starve each other from clanwars, Foe and Eop probably have least activity out of all the clans here, much better pick to go for some less known clan and get more action, unless you enjoy having events once a week at weekends which are main fiestas.

The more you think of a clan here to be the best the least activity you can expect from them because they cannot afford to lose due propaganda. Go for a more lowkey and chill clan to have more fun.

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