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Supremacy Breaks Rage in a 95v90 F2P Fullout ft. smoking idiot ditch hugging bears

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Supremacy left with 90 glorious tigers today peaking at 95, once again coming out ahead of their supposed "rivals" doodoo bear clan. Not only was the pull bigger, but so were the brains as the tiger gang smashed the shitty rage clan off the rocks at the wilderness ditch until even their shitty tanks stopped returning. From rushing with 80, having resistance and BP show up to try to save face, to getting absolutely broken to below 40 people in less than 2 hours.

We smoked clusters which involved sending apex to single before they could fully clear FOE and cleared CD accidentally for getting in our way. The real feast was when reject rage finally left their mass 15 minutes into the trip only to get fucked repeatedly and thoroughly. They never walked above 9 wilderness, embracing the single digit of the wilderness - equal to their rank team's cumulative IQ. Their pull disappeared as they repeatedly got smoked down to the point where we were double their opts and half their members were AFKing on the ditch. Even rage ranks gave up returning on their pures to try to keep the mains moving around enough to avoid being fully cleared in level 2 wilderness. We tried to bait them higher, successfully smoking dozens of them of the map as their moron callers sent them to their doom without the slightest idea of what they were doing. Rage got fucked several times with no hope of bringing it even close to even.

We ended the trip with 90 Tigers in the wilderness, same as how we started. Once again the best clan, without doubt, standing undefeated after breaking Rage in 90 minutes flat.


Ham's POV
mr dirty ko's POV







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25 seconds into Ham's vid 10-15 Resistance members rush from the northeast on the compass.  Literally a 2v1 filled with emotional IR members who came back for a weekend to feel what it was like to lose again LMFAO


@Titans@.Zoyou are dead as fuck still never forget


@Niblet and other low iq irrelevant +1s please speak up l00l

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1 minute ago, IMK said:

Nice pulls, shame about the fight location

we tried to keep it AT LEAST at p13s..  but rage really loved the ditch! idk why!

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6 minutes ago, Sauce said:

tbh both sides should drop the mains

agree it would be more fun that way. but i don't get what rage expects when they bring mains day 1, then cry about it non stop two weeks later.

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