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Jcup/Jagex clan wars event


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I believe the rumors about JCup stemmed from a livestream where Jmod Ayiza let known of the interest that Jagex was planning to run a JCup. Personally I wasn't too confident as Jagex had routinely let the clanning community down time after time and the fact that Ayiza just rejoined Jagex. However recent activity in the main CWA scene showed that many members are taking this seriously, thus I decided to ping Jagex Ash on twitter myself and I received a beautiful answer:

In light of this confirmation from a senior developer in Jagex, We believe that many clans would probably want to conduct more CWA events to prepare for JCup

Sharkbrew will be supporting your efforts by using our sponsorship money to fund more tournaments and activity-based CWA events so that even weaker clans can be rewarded for their contribution towards the overall activity in the CWA community.

Stay tuned for more updates!




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1 hour ago, John_boy_90 said:

Very Nice aslong as they do this yearly itll surely snowball interest of players

Nice to see you're still around John, looked you up the other day


This actually might make me want to play again. Maybe a few clans work together to pull the 100 opts 

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10 hours ago, Victory said:

cant wait for 1 server pure cup with 1 round each fight lmao

would u prefer a dif format?

8 hours ago, Godfather said:

Jagex botched the last 3, doubt I'm entering OG

throw down what fucked up shit happened from 13-16

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