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    FRIDAY, everyone's favorite day of the week! A day that was action packed for OVERDOSE. Peaking @ 25 Legends, OD stepped out into the wild and had dance with anyone who stepped in our way! We got a few quick hits on a few snipe teams & came across NOXIOUS & ASCENT during our trip. Shouts out to all clans/teams that came out today. Lets keep the scene BUZZING! . . . Join the #1 XLPC for daily action & events!
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    Ascent Backing Out LOOOOL

    no one will prep me 1v1 no lpcs no invites
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    Local News

    Resurgence Defeats Destiny 3-0

    Thanks for the fights guys, super happy with how we're improving, especially in the bonus round!
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    Official "War Pub" Closing Topic

    Only thing he made is a poll for the bank standing skills brother
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    Official "War Pub" Closing Topic

    #Slytherin 🐍🐍🐍
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    Nice action defiance :)
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    Hada is in there? Hahaha miss that dude
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    After literally every. single. weekend.

    ye we supremacy now
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    congrats to everyone in defiance but Hada lmfao
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    Doing very well for a broken clan according to noxi
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    Tom Valor

    Team Bandits

    Clean banner
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    @GIGGS dogshit members = dogshit team, nice 0.2 winratio LMAO
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    Just prep me... stop making excuses and back up all the shit you talk
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    pure clans app

    there's quite a clear difference between someone who idolizes him, and someone who enjoys his music, but ty for input mustafa always a pleasure hearing the stupid shit you have to say
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    Guess Who

    go to s l e e p wtf
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