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announcement Welcome our three new gatekeepers.

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8 hours ago, Moni said:



Referring to @slushpuppys topic earlier on we're looking to balance out the staff team and include more of a variety from all clans.


Welcome @holydreams who is one of the highest ranking officials in Final Ownage Elite and one of our most active users.

Welcome @N Ranger who is representing Against All Odds, a old school clan that has stuck around with us for quite awhile but hasn't mad proper representation and we hope to change that.

Welcome @Evan who is representing Intense Redemption. Evan has provided insight and judgement when needed. Hopefully, we'll see more of him now that he is promoted. 

Welcome @Deep Thought who is representing no one because he is an unbiased computer like god. Deep has not been around this website for long, but has proven his giant brain acts much like a clanning encyclopedia. We have great faith his impeccable judgement and rational non biased decision making will lead us to great places. 

Gl to both, it'll be a pleasure working with you. 

I noticed you must have forgotten my name, but don't worry I edited in a nice little bio as my first Gatekeeper Job. 

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