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pkri Supremacy's Night Out in F2P [PKRIS and FT 50s] Ft, VD, EOM, and God Mob (IR's Mains)

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Vs. God MOB


Tuesday Night, November 27th. Supremacy, being the most active and best clan that exists on osrs atm, had a shitoad of tigers iding on teamspeak. We decided to go out and clear the F2P worlds and ended up running into god mob (main clan that aids IR).  After smoking them with ease the first fight they decided to spam their cc and mass up 15-20 tanks but knowing these kids are as braindead as the clan they help we knew we could take them even as pures. We got one of our mithlords to lure them into gap and we took off from there single piling the shit out of these ugly fucks until they had ZERO ingame. 


Ham aka goat








Vs. Vendetta




After smoking IR's shitty main clan we decided to ask VD for a pkri which they gladly accepted.

We both had 27 or so starting, and Supremacy later peaked at 32. We fought Vendetta once at maze 27v27 and instantly ran a train on them, picking off piles 1 by 1 and dropping their pulls down to the single digit. They tried to regroup outside of the maze but we chased them outside, continuing to kill them. This is where they called returns off and asked for a rematch somewhere else.


For the second fight, Vendetta decided to choose the fighting spot at barbarian village. We got word that Eop were trying to crash with their slump of a clan and anticipated their weak failed attempt to ruin our fight. We had Vendetta rush us in the middle of barb, got a few kills on them again, and got word that eop were finally logging in with their 9 man mass with mains. We instantly got off Vendetta and switched our focus to eop, making every single eop dog who wasted their tuesday night regret being in that shit clan l0l. We had our sitters join us for a total of a 32 man beat down and got 4 kills on their mains, 3 on their pures, and made the rest of them tele out like the failures they are. Vendetta went west and killed the last remaining dogs in single. At this point, Vendetta asked if we wanted a first to 50 at clan wars. We decided to take them up on their offer.




The first round of FT50 - Supremacy swiftly took a 11-3 man lead at the beginning and camped Vendetta at their portal until we had 48 kills. We decided to run to the orb and straight up flame eop dogs watching our fight on their tuesday night l0l. We ended with 50 kills to their 30 or so.


The second round of FT50-
Same thing happened round 2, we got a nice lead on them, pushed them to their portal and got a big kill lead. We started killing their sides with great transitions and worked our way up to 50 kills right next to their portal/orb. They ended with 30~ or so kills to our 50 again.

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