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weekend Legacy F2P Saturday FT Sup,Fi,IR

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Forums link: https://legacy-rs.org/
Discord: https://discord.gg/d2cFfqM
Teamspeak Address: Ts.legacy-rs.org


Today Legacy massed up 70 spartans for our 2nd Saturday trip.


Set up some 1v1s with Supremacy at the start, despite being down opts as other clans weren't doing anything. Had some good tussles before most got crashed. Thanks for the fights!

We then got the word Fi and IR were fighting at bandits. We rushed FI shortly followed by FOE. We headed west where we saw Supremacy and decided to fight them again.  We tussled for a good few minutes before eventually getting a bank. Thanks for the fights.

Seeing Fi had similar opts to us, we asked them for a fight. We fought north of ditch and maintained 50+ before eventually getting crashed. Thanks for the fight!

We then approached IR for a fight. We agreed to fight at Barbarian Village. Supremacy logged in shortly after, followed by every other clan, creating a cluster. We hung around for a bit, manoeuvring between hitting Sup,FI and IR. before eventually leaving. Thanks for the tussles!
















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4 minutes ago, Im on a boat said:

keep repeating this recycled statement you brainless nigger. ur clan is shit u got decimated by ir and fucked by supremacy lmao shit clan 


l00l no way is it nearly 2k21 and you're using a fake alias lmfaooo kys yourself you ugly rat

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6 minutes ago, Im on a boat said:

lmfaoooooooooo imagine spending hours doing inners and getting destroyed by the worst clan in the game

just go kys you inferior low iq nigger 

l00l now its nearly 2k22 and ur still on an alias cos ur shook to speak up l0000l

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6 minutes ago, Im on a boat said:

daily reminder legacy members spent hours of their pathetic lives doing inners only to get 0-3d by the worst clan in the game LMFAO 

daily reminder this kid spends his pathetic life commenting on a fake alias l0000l

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