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Congratulations to Supremacy

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About one month ago sharkbrew introduced the ELO league system into the sharkbrew community and some clans have taken it upon themselves to prove that they are the most active and dominant in the wilderness in F2P and P2P servers.

But one clan has forced themselves all the way to the top and taken the #1 spot in the pure community for being the most active in the wilderness.

congratulations to SUPREMACY for being the first clan to achieve the sapphire rank in the wilderness activity awards.

Here are the current standings in the current ELO league table!


Interested in getting your clan involved in the sharkbrew ELO League system then message any sharkbrew rank for details about the league.

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8 hours ago, B S A said:

Gratz. You post propaganda forums. We kill your children. There are awards for everything nowadays I guess.

i can hear u sniffling irl

relax bro its just a game

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