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[AUDIO LEAK VII] Tiger Poaching Season (3AT LOSING HIS MIND 2X)


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2 hours ago, Viikings said:

good calls by sup i don't see what's wrong

Everything 3at said was a lie.  They weren’t winning. They didn’t have up ops. 

fally gate they got smoked, we hit SUP, then rs/foe/then BP, and then sup without banking nor loosing the fight. 

the first fight they got smoked.
the last fight they only have 30 people 3at claims when there’s over 70 on counter. 

3at lies constantly to his members and this is what the video shows. 

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8 hours ago, Coltyn said:

They gotta be better at finding out the leak. Like this ain't no small leak. We basically have tapped your house with our plumbing. And just shitting down it every day.

Ty sup

when they know it's dill hahaha it's a joke now haha

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