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    shit video shit propaganda, on top of that every clip in that video is you down opts and legit losing LOL. No wonder you deleted the message to NRG cause you have legit 0 wins LOL.
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    Rules : 66 Cap 25 v 25 Minimum No overhead prays Today we massed up 35 of the most beautiful members for our F2P Prep to take on Divinity. All that talk just to get smoked? LOL If you would like to join Immortal go to www.Rs-Imt.com and connect to our Discord. Round 1: 29 v 29 Immortal Win Round 2: 28 v 28 Immortal Win Round 3: We let this guy call for the laughs @ Andrew POV Shout out to Ex|Will on the 2nd Round drag
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    fo needs Jamz back

    Anyone else notice after Jamz era ended (the best quality version of fo in the last 6 years imo) that fo went from quality to dogshit? (4-1 vs fo in 2018 P2P preps btw l0000l). Since the Jamz era has ended, it's been big pulls and little skill. Honestly if fo plans on prepping P2P anymore in 2019, I'd ditch remy/danny and call up Alcher or 3at for advice. It's pretty obvious why fo ranks decided to become a weekend masser clan, wouldn't you wanna avoid clw if your clan was dogshit? Check out fo's most impressive matches from the past year, including losses in P2P preps to IR, Siege, Supremacy, & Apex: LeGeNdS oF p2P bTw l0000000000000000l
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    #1 clan FOE's perspective with audio for Apex' teamspeak. Full clear after full clear, it is just heartbreaking hearing these broken Apex ranks voices in their audio. Propaganda this my slaves
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    Massed up around 47 big Supremacy Tigers to take on Fatality in a free-to-play preparation war. We managed to take a convincing 3-0 win through great tanking, calling and transitions, thanks for the prep FI! @@Ham @X Poo @ Supremacy Starting: 35 Supremacy Ending: 28 Fatality Starting: 35 Fatality Ending: 0 Supremacy Starting: 38 Supremacy Ending: 26 Fatality Starting: 38 Fatality Ending: 0 Supremacy Starting: 32 Supremacy Ending: 18 Fatality Starting: 32 Fatality Ending: 0
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    Royce POV Anton POV
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    idk if you can win this chief
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    biggest of owners
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    changed scrubby gfx
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    bt in red is ugly anyway
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    dude we get it apex is fucking ass
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    Temptation ~ Kings of BattleScape

    why not just play the real game
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    I got recruited from a Cp YouTube video in 2009
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    gz on your first win! maybe you'll get a few more sometime. must be nice having a win after a lot of losses 🤧
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    @bt black son @BT Whip @C h r i s Set up A prep with us Already l0l
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