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announcement Main: Red Vs Blue

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 Red Vs Blue
Sunday 25th November 4EST/9GMT
F2P CWA first to 50

Discord: https://discord.gg/MXTqZZd
2x Plateau 1x Turrets
Teams will be randomized (minus callers)

This event is for mains however if you are a pure with access to a main feel free to attend.

Yes you read correctly, F2P CWA. We're hopeful for a minimum turn out of 100 people (50v50). The only thing you need to do to participate is join the discord server and post the RSN that you be be fighting with.
We will be taking extremely strict measures against intentional CC leaving while you are being piled, abusing this mechanic will result in you being kicked from CC immediately.

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Remember to Tell These Infos In Discord:

- Be Ready -

- Team Speak or Discord -

- Team-Cape -

- World / Place -

- Level Requirement -

- PvP Activity Requirement -

- Seems Like Pure , New Players or Maxed Players Was Not Allowed to Join -

Better to Not Kick Most Respected And Positive F2P Clan Leaders Out of The Channel in Future =) . We Are Community Creators and Group of Clanning Communities. There Might Be Still Around 70 Friends of Mine Inside. Lets Enjoy The Event Together =)

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