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Who recruited you to your first pure clan?

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'Swelly' from Fatality ( I think he was council at the time?) when OSRS was in its infant stages.

After a few months I got bored of being a pure (didn't have a main at the time) and wanted to go main. They convinced me to stay pure until the jagex cup (FI vs MM) where we got smoked by MM (I think it turned out being a shit show where we all had signups, then the jmods running the event just let everyone in so it became FI VS MM + invites)


Didn't make another pure and join the scene again until 2017


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Rainz introduced me to the pure community in 2k8 but I never really officially joined until I apped to Foe in 09, left like 2 weeks later to officialize Defiance. 


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