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Unbreakable - Quality Above All - 1-25 Defence OSRS Pure Clan

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http://ub-rs.com/ | teamspeak: ub.verygames.net| ub rs cc | http://ub-rs.com/

Discord: https://discord.gg/TKwkv3s

Quality Above All

6x Clan of The Month Winner

Most Prep Wins

Highest Quality

Best Community

Best Leadership

Best Core

After a long hibernation, Unbreakable clan returns. Having one of the most experienced and successful rank teams still on the game, we return not to continue the tradition of starving clans and being cancer, but to smash the tradition entirely.

We are here to have fun, not to see whose members can sit at the return spot for longest.

With a rapidly developing core, Unbreakable clan is off to a good start. Join today @ ub-rs.com


Previous prep record: 69-19


72+ CB

1-25 Defence

25+ return sets


Rank Structure  (additions possible)


Hanuman - ex-Warlord of Mayhem Makers, ex-Leader of The Last Pures

Braden - ex-High Council of Final Ownage Elite, ex-High Council of The Last Pures


High Council

Pasco - ex-High Council of Final Ownage Elite

Pizy - ex-Council of Final Ownage Elite






Previous events



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