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Clan Rage has been around for multiple years, initially founded in late 2015. Many of those who joined back then remain within the community, playing with us to this day! The community at Rage is like no other; it's what puts Rage at the top, a group like no other! From all around the world, Rage Bears hop online and dominate our competition daily, all while we have the utmost fun with each other. We have lots to offer, so rest assured you will enjoy your stay in Rage, the #1 Pure Clan. Weekly Events planned! Monday through Friday, the staff team arranges events throughout the week. These events can be anything from group PKing sessions, staking sessions, or even battling other clans. Show up to these events for good fun and to improve your play. F2P Saturday, P2P Sunday - Our weekend events are phenomenal! Every weekend we get together for massive PK trips to fight other clans! Clan Chat : Clan Rage Teamspeak : ts.clan-rage.com Forums : https://clan-rage.com/ Home World : 334 Discord Invite Below : https://discord.gg/kKdeJhY

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