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announcement [Sharkbrew 2.0] Homepage Update * Discord - Phase 1.1

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Today's update is the 2nd part of out approximately 10 updates to transform Sharkbrew into a value service provider for Clans and Pkers alike.

First I would like to introduce our discord server. 


Majority of the forum rules still apply in there. In the future, we will funnel new Pures from our site or ingame onto Sharkbrew discord to aid you guys with recruitment.


The homepage has been created using the latest web responsive framework, Bootstrap 4. Previously our homepage was simply a landing page to redirect users, this practice resulted in lost engagement with the users especially when a fair number of visitors to our site are new to the community. This is especially alarming when I realize that out of the 40,000~ impressions that sharkbrew receives a month, almost 60% of those impressions always go through our home page

Therefore I have added a number of user interaction tools that are also designed to help Clans capture some of those traffic

Account Matching System(Beta/Experimental stage)



New players can now enter their RSNs to get redirected to an appropriate recruitment forum of their choice


Clan Aftermath Advertising System


Recent aftermath topics(~2-3 days) are pulled from the system and the top topics have their first video thumbnail records and posted onto the front of the site. There will be a topic posted later this week in ambassador boards advising clan ranks on how to best improve their topics to capture this new audience.


With the completion of the homepage base, Memberlists will be up soon.



Earlier this week, I promoted a @Lenin and @Andy to Counselor, now it is the time for the senior high rank promotion.

Both these ranks have demonstrated their loyalties to my leadership and to Sharkbrew time after time, and they have always came back even after I have let them down.

@Kim - Anyone could have seen this coming from mile away. You started out as a diligent low rank completed her assigned tasks to the T, to a Senior rank who capable of handling almost all aspect of the site. Throughout your tenure on Sharkbrew, you have shown diligence, perseverance and determination. You've been able to work through obstacles despite overwhelming odds and you are never the person to back down or admit defeat. You were willing to challenge ideas by people who, more often than not, often treated you with condescension because of your gender.

On the flip side, you showed extraordinarily amount of patience working with people, and As one of my people's person rank, you took on the responsibility of being spokeswoman of sharkbrew, helping me to relay ideas to concerned individuals and shouldering the emotional toll of sorting out disputes between disgruntle parties

With your promotion to Overseer, I am extremely proud to see you holding the same rank as I do.


@Moni - N/A


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Sorry bud.. I had to troll your on your last promotion topic :P

You have been on this site since the beginning. I will never forget the times where you offered to help Sharkbrew during her weakest points. You started out as a lowly rank who always hid behind the scenes and was a dependable workhorse to a fully fledged senior rank who is capable of running and leading Sharkbrew systems. Your consistency, execution and dedication of assigned tasks is unparalleled.

People have always underestimated your ability until they get to learn of your grit and determination who will push through despite of all the mockery you have taken or suffered

There has been so many chances where you could hop over to greener pastures and yet you stayed. Your dedication to this site is unparalleled.

I am overtly thankful for what you have done for me, and I am excited to see what challenges awaits you as you begin your work as an Overseer


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That account matching is pretty sweet. 


Heck yeah more updates! 

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Fuck me @Andy there goes our week of rank equality. We need to devise some plans brother.

Joking aside, these two kids have become backbones of the rank structure and many things SB provides. Well deserved.

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1 minute ago, Imperial Spartan said:

Gz on rs forum promotion


now go get a real job @Lenin

I like you too.

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