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Jizzle 20-Oct-18 02:51 PM
i find it funny when she pretends to be innocent / non nh when she had nick ip grabbing ir forums just to ddos them at preps

Speaking to various witness, supremacy ranks and having a discussion with experts in the field of hitting off their opponents in the community, we have come to a conclusion that it is impossible for Kim to have participated in IP grabbing of IR forums as their forums is protected from IP grabbing. This is further backed up by the fact that it was IR's discord, rather than, the forums that was IP grabbed.



Considering Kim still contributes to sharkbrew and the community inspite of her not playing the game anymore, the scenario of her trying to hit off a clan that recruits new members to the community does not add up. Furthermore, That rank leaks shows that Kim was against any sort of NH action against clans. If you have any evidences, feel free to drop me a PM and i will look at them, but right now with the information given, I can only conclusively determine only the high ranks of sup and nick1 had knowledge or the tools to DDOS.


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2 hours ago, Godae said:

kim ain't nh

just in wrong clan at wrong time

~ Current Council of EoP ~

~ Ex CD council ~

~ Ending Proud snake of CD ~

~ Ex FS officer ~


and you call people nh SMH

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Lmfao slushpuppy sells ip grabbers that were used against the pure community and now kim is ip grabbing, smfh this website is a joke..

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