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The Closure of the Founders of The Pure Scene | Misfits | 2016-2018

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I am sad to say that Misfits will be closing its doors after having a solid run for 2 years. 


When I founded this clan in early October of 2016 as a team I had no intentions of it getting this big, strong and open for that long. I noticed that there was no real pure clan left, so I decided to host all the pures of the community to our home, Misfits. I remember when I opened the TeamSpeak server I was the only one connected and I started recruiting future Misfits 1 by 1 leading up to who we are today.


Misfits is and will always be known as the pioneers of the 1 defense movement when the whole scene went down and that is something to be proud of and a legacy that will remain forever.





The reason I have come to terms with the staff and myself to close Misfits is simply because it's no longer fun. As a Leader I feel like this clan has accomplished way beyond it's potential and we have set up the standard so high for our events that "good" events don't even cut it anymore. This no longer feels like a game but more like a chore and with the staff growing up and a lot finishing their studies or changing jobs, 2019 won't be feasible for us to remain open.




I will honestly say after pure clanning for over a decade I have never been in a community as fun, as close and as active. 


Only the real Misfits members will have the memories of the highs and lows, the fun and sad times of our community, wherever you go make sure to be proud of where you come from and never forget your family.


We are the only clan that opened in OSRS that was able to leave a mark on this game. We started from nothing to creating the 1 def pure scene. I remember when I started off with this community, I was being mocked by other clans and made fun of by the HPCs, and for the past year and a half clans have stepped into our scene, the scene that the Misfits founded.



I want to thank every single one of you that made this possible over the years. This beautiful thing we have here, this family would've never been possible without you, my brothers.


Once a Misfit, Always a Misfit.




“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” -Dr. Seuss



Misfits Last Official Trip (2 Year Anniversary)


Misfits First Official Trip Ever


Misfits First Prep Ever vs AAO







If you need to contact myself, Dutch or OIVC best way to do it will be through discord


Zee#0786 Uncle Dutch#0739 OIVC#4213

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