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Slushpuppy and several other staffers have requested that I make an introduction to the community. I will be breaking from the traditional format/template used on this website.

Who Am I?

My name is Victoria, and I'm from the United States. I've been playing RuneScape on and off since the Classic days, spanning around 16 years with more than a decade of actual clanning experience. I'm a bit older than the majority of the clanning community memberbase as well, and I work professionally as an educator. The majority of my time in clanning had been spent with Damage Incorporated, and remained with them from late 2007 to the end of 2016. As of early 2017, I have been more or less retired from the overall community and currently maintain a CWA team called Lions.

Why Am I Interested In SharkBrew?

Slushpuppy had suggested to me that community administration has taken an interest in hosting Main Clans and Teams, which I think is great. Currently the only communications platform the Main Community maintains is Zybez, which I am also semi-active within. I generally lurk a lot more than I post, but I do make the occasional comment or topic when I deem it necessary. Slushpuppy invited myself and several others from the Main Community to represent our body of players, so I hope to get to know some more members of the larger community as well. I think that this collaboration between the pure and main scene can benefit the long term health of our community, to help strengthen dialogue about the PvP aspect(s) of the game and what we can do to improve upon it. Despite the differences between our communities, we really are two halves of the same coin. 

I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and if you have any questions my inbox is always open. Alternatively, you may message me on Discord as well. 


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