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Wake Up Shitpremacy


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23 minutes ago, ┣┫_88 said:

kinda funny not gonna lie

gotta give rage credit on the propaganda game, they have most of their members believing they dont bring mains. i think they have sup's spams beat on that one.

Bro, you're not learning from the meme are you. Lol, thanks for exemplifying it and proving its point. 

When we have to fight 15 mains right before coming in contact with you, only to rush you and have to fight you and legacy, then see your cape counter jump by 20 again with a lil army of noobs in rune, how are you going to tell me that we bring mains when you don't see any of that gay shit happening from our side. 

If we wanted to bring mains to a pure fight you guys would shit your pants. We just respect the scene unlike your shit clan that's clinging for its dear life with its rune boys.

4v1 no prob. Just another day in RAGE. 

Take the red pill already. 


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