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2022 Promotions


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Promotions were well needed for our expansions that we plan to do in 2022. We have big plans in store for you all. I will be releasing these plans this weekend. I have been very happy with our current staff team. They have been excelling in every way possible. With these new additions, we hope(especially me) that it can help alleviate a lot of our tasks.

With these Babysitter promotions, we hope to bring back COTM/WCOTM sometime this year. You all will get updates sometime in February for one of these systems. In terms of events, we have planned for plenty and currently have a tournament + NA Vs EU coming up! 

Thank you to those who applied, we couldn't take in any more Fatality as we want further diverse perspectives.  A lot of candidates this time around were great.   






Devin has given his all within the last two years of Sharkbrew. I was retired and I was able to see his dedication to the community and interest. He was actually the person who brought me back to Sharkbrew originally. He has devoted his time to caring about COTM/WCOTM and pushed back on dweebs who have tried to compromise the community in any way. He has the right mindset to be able to one of the next head community managers of Sharkbrew.  Also, this will be one of our first pure counselors in a long while!



When I asked people about Obli, they all said he was enthusiastic person.  In my short time being a staff member on his side, he has picked up work with no hesitation. He has hosted multiple community events such as NA Vs EU.  His dedication to this community when he has been available have helped our staff team in the long run. I hope to see him get promoted to Counselor in the future!  

Event Manager

Lawii is someone who I met over the summer and I had the pleasure of getting to know. He helped Shadows and I when we were swamped with Ambassador Work. He is someone everyone can respect because of his dedication and drive for the CWA community. Lawii has been apart of several of our tournaments and provided insight for CWA in a great capacity.  He is someone who will do anything it takes to improve activity within our scene. You all will see a lot more from him this year. I can't wait! 



Illegal has provided input and interest within the community. He was originally tasked with Discord Moderation. But, he has grown interest with providing input in systems such as Discord & Event Creation.  He has been able to provide assistance in every area of our systems within the last few months. We hope to see him grow more into this position and you will see more of him on the forums.  Well deserved promotion. 

@True Loyalty

We are very appreciative of Mokles. He has provided all the bot work within Discord these last few months. He has provided great ideas with Event Creation. But, unfortunately, his ideas have been too innovative in 2021. We hope to see one of his events to be implemented in 2022.   Mokles sincerely cares for this community and has been able to provide clean insight.  This is someone who has shown previous interest to help the community, I am happy we finally we were able to give him the position and this promotion! 


There is a lot to say about IMK. IMK has been around the clanning communtiy for many years. He is one of the few people I personally trust to hold an unbias mindset + be a source of vast knowledge. IMK in the times we needed him, he demonstrated level-headed decisions and as well played roles in providing insight + dedication in areas such as Clan Clash. We will truly miss him in our staff structure. 

This man came out of nowhere. He hits me up asking me how I was doing and this was when at a time where all clan communications were going through. Shadows offered his extended hand, when I needed it most. Mostly Clan Leaders will recognize his name in this era. Shadows deeply cares for what direction this community goes.  Shadows devoted many hours in communications with Clan Leaders and problem solving. Especially in areas of revamp and provided great input on all around the platform. I deeply appreciate you him as a human being.  Shadows probably would have had Overseer by now but his IRL is thriving. He will be retiring but he will be around to provide input to the staff. Thank you so much for the hard work you have always provided to our staff team. 

The people's friend, someone who cared for the community the direction of where it is going. He provided great help with support within ELO. The times I had pleasure speaking to him, he provided great insight and advice in regards of the community. He has also been around for years and we will also miss him greatly. 

Where to start? I have known Sybren for years. Sybren has been known to be a well-rounded person even on the opposite of a rivalry, you cannot dislike. Sybren has held a staff position for years with us and has provided great knowledge and out of the box ideas that helped us in the long run within our platform. 



Main Clanner Team: 
Our Main Clanner will assist with insight and assistance within Event Creation, Moderation, System Expansions, and overall help our community to be a better tight knit community. 

@Molly Whop  - PD

@smished - PD
@Kopites - DF
@Lynn Wong- BC
We also currently have representation in areas of Rev/Tempest. 

Pure Clanner Additions:
As you all expected as she has already been promoted on our Discord. Paige and I have had the pleasure to meet each other over the summer. She is one of the most dedicated people that you will ever get to meet. She is someone who has an idea and put it forward. This community will gain from this promotion.  She will also provide great insight for the 1 def movement. 

Mans has been behind the scenes providing us a lot of insight in areas of PCL + CWA. We are happy with this addition as we need different eyes within our team. 

Good arounded fella, he will provide insight surrounding the  1 def scene & Legacy. Welcome him with open arms. 

Mans will be performing as a Forum Moderator. Please welcome him to the team. As an avid person who reads forums and has shared his opinion over the last year, He will be a good addition for our team! 

Currently in Team Takeover. He received a hard vouch within our staff team in regards of attitude surrounding reviving the scene! 

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Congratulations to everyone! A couple of really well-deserved promotions. 

I hope all of the new babysitters enjoy their time as ranks as well. There are so many opportunities currently. Always on the lookout for ways to continue improving the scene 👍

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