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    hhahahaha CD fucking crying about mains LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
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    No one takes that serious after your obvious defeat against fs mains
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    where was cd in p2p today against legacys 70+ pures l0l? hello ur too broke to bond ur mains to disguise them as ly mains l0000l
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    Forums | TeamSpeak | Discord Today the merciless T7 rat exterminators left with 65 Spartans later peaking at 75 for a bewildering trip. We maintained 70+ throughout the trip and dominated every fight we fought aka kings of clusters Meanwhile CD had a monumental lobby trip & hiding behind other clans to try and find a chink in the Spartan armour which they couldnt and never will stay ez. While keeping the T7 rats at bay we had clean action vs Sup, Apex, Fi & Rage Gf all for fights Lets see you cry about mains today lmao you simply got outclassed yet again. @BryanPOV: @`JDPOV: @PkeruPOV:
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    do a main free fullout yawyeetdab420
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    Finished another clan banner for Vengeance. This time I fully embraced a new coloring style, and I really enjoyed the way it came out. I think this is one of the best banners that I've made so far, with the amount of detail, and the little intricate things embedded into parts of the banner. It speaks to the theme, and those little things help bring out the atmosphere. Let me know what you guys think of this piece.
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    Pretty disgusting to see so many ironic and hypocritical claims from IR all within 1 trip. Feels good knowing the last thing all of IR will remember is 100+ FOE terrorizing them all week long whether it was in clan wars or the wilderness. Listen to how defeated their entire channel sounded when they realized this weekend was one of the biggest failures in the history of pure clanning. You can even hear the tears building up in their throats while they tried to remain calm during such a massacre. Funny ass video including a closing speech, ranks flaming each other, and more. SPECIAL FEATURE: SAT AUDIO The entire community can agree that IR will only be remembered as another wannabe poser clan.
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    idk why you are happy for clans closing, but in the end sup and foe held hands together to fight ir
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    Legacy - The Garbage of the pure community

    imagine a world where CD cries about mains l000000000l
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    Cd is a bad clan
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    grats on the pull brothers
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    Your the only clan bringing mains to fight pures cus u cant compete lmfao.
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    Cp was a main community that went out for 1 hour on weekends and then ended. "chain is law" cc 3-126 cb!!!
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    looks like u got outmained by an xlpc l0000000000000l
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    Now this looks like an actual winning topic. GZ Legacy
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    u have no say lmao come prep me in clan wars im 11-0 vs ur clan for clean fight anytime ill come out of retirement
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    Great speech from an actual pure clan xoxo
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    Nice to see 2 battlescape clans On osrs
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    5 Years BTW 5 Years, 60 Months, 240 Weeks, 1825 Days, 43,800 Hours. Still 1 Big Tiger Gang June 8th, 2019. The notorious Supremacy Tigers celebrated their 5th year of existence on the oldschool servers in the best way they know how to - killing shit clans in the wilderness. Not only has Supremacy reached half a decades worth of progress, but we have become one of the only clans to have been open for 5 consecutive years. The Tiger pack peaked at 120 STRONG PURES to celebrate our anniversary and overwhelmed the entire pure community doing so. We've had different people from each year in attendance to celebrate the glorious day, including those that were here from the first few days of up opening up. What makes today special is the fact that Supremacy Tigers successfully destroyed our dormant rivals Intense Retardation for 2 YEARS IN A ROW. We were hoping to celebrate our anniversary with a decently nice pull and a lot of action, but later realized IR had plans to mass up to celebrate Supremacy day as well. Happy that they were going to give Supremacy another set of successful anniversary trips, we reached out to all the past tigers we could to burry the rats in blue. 5 years of unstoppable pure clanning domination for Supremacy came to a climax today as we went undefeated and showed the Inferior Rats who the better, stronger, smarter, more successful, more attractive, and master clan really is (just in case they forgot). Ham PoV Rigo PoV (didnt have 1 for Legacy) Before we indulged into the mass of our bullying session, Supremacy decided to exterminate a few pests along the way. We warmed up by sprinting into a cluster of clans at bandit camp. Considering the fact that Ir took 2 hours to mass and were still at ditch by the time we had our first hit, we pounced on the action that was free to us and cleared pink and blue so hard, pride month was cancelled. We got word that LY and CD were fighting it out south of bandit camp and Rage was crashing, so we rushed all 3 clans. We logged in from the middle of the camp and sent LY, CD and Rage running to singles within 30 seconds flat, with dozens of them kissing the floor at the paws of the tiger unit. Shame no team on crash, but thanks for the warm-up. Starting - Supremacy 160 vs IR 177 Ending - Supremacy 95 vs IR 0 1 Hour 'Return' Fight 70 lvl 3-20's can't save you Trash clan God Mob can't save you Venezuelans couldn't save you. 100m worth of Tannie's Mains couldn't save you. After close to 2 hours of massing, IR finally got the balls to walk past lvl 5 and go stand on 13 ports. They obviously didn't have the balls to rush us at corp, so we took the fight to them. But before doing so, we logged into BP's fall in of 20 in another world and deleted them from the game. These retards obviously didn't buy more than one cape, because their pathetic group was nonexistent the entire fight that followed. After killing IR minions, we happily took the fight to them. Supremacy rushed them down 10, and In the most one sided cluster since last years perfection, the mighty Tigers stood undefeated against their wall of hired runite fighters, 60 bot accounts, and depressed member base. Instantly off the rush, we managed to kill and obliterate at least 10-12 braindead retards from the screen. We instantly got a lead on them, killed approximately 30~ IR rats within a minute, and got a huge lead on them. Scimming every single tile they tried to move to, following them after every movement they made, and smoking the shit out of their weak and effortless front line rune tanks, Supremacy stood strong while IR crumbled like their morale did. At one point of the fight IR ranks raged and screamed for their lvl 3 bot farm to log in to help boost their cape counter so they didn't look like they were losing 100% of the fight (which they were btw lmfao) and walked them around the 13 ports area boosting morale. However, whichever retard was in charge of these bots waked them away for more than 30 seconds at times and we would LAUGH at the shape IR was in after 30 minutes of bullying. IR vene'z stopped returning, pures stopped gearing, and ranks stopped talking. It was over from the beginning. IR managed to somehow drop down to 15 ingame and raged for the bot's to return to the fight so their youtube videos could still be uploaded. However, Supremacy, being the smarter and better clan, moved away from 13 ports while 10~ IR Ran to singles to salvage their fake and pathetic anniversary pride. At this point, with IR fully cleared on their anniversary (second year in a row), we turned our attention to FOE. With even numbers, both clans crashed into each other after pulling away from the wreckage that would forever be known as IR's grave. Stepping away from the snipers in single, we took the fight to chaos altar to try to regain prayer as our members were taxed from dismantling IR. FOE's impressive pull swarmed over us at chaos altar, but our returners proved to be unbreakable as we came back in full force, pushing them west outside of chaos altar. As they pulled south away from the IR main unit/god mob, we pushed our entire unit south onto them with scimitars. They pulled back north towards the IR mains to try to regroup, so we peeled off with 90 Tigers to catch IR slipping. And slip they did - sitting with 100 opts on p18s, Supremacy logged in with 110 of our own to obliterate the dogshit peabrains. Within a SINGLE SCIM PUSH, Inadequate Rapists was dropped to a pathetic 60 ingame from over 100 just a minute before. With 12 years worth of shit in their pants, the leftover spastics took off in every direction. With our leashes in one hand and our dicks in the other, we walked the last of their broken clan down to ditch and dug their grave next to edgeville bank.
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    It has been a year and a half almost since you're pussy leaders had the balls. Low tier wilderness clan keep competing with IR l0l
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    CD forced their clan to sit in lobby until legacy was in a fight lmfao
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    you got time to write a topic but not train ur acc?
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    Rich, Handsome and in SUP nice level 15s to boost IR Capes
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    Rage Vs Fatality | 35v35 F2P Prep [2-1]

    last time I checked Striketeam close Prestige am I rite
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    Not crying, mains disgust me tbh. Makes me want to puke. Show me pics of CD mains this saturday and not from a month ago. Legacy went main. Keep up with ur own clan homie.
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    Many mains, yikes
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    https://criticaldamage.org/community/ Today the glorious purple abdullah's massed up 64 shooters, peaking at 67. We had an action-packed day, multiple clusters vs Rage, Legacy, Supremacy, FOE action was packed between the clans. Even though legacy outnumbered us today, the quality difference really showed. From the get-go Legacy had no chance whatsoever. When we rushed LY in fall we completely deleted them using our multi spells. Seems they thought they were still 70 def mains in F2P the way they were clumping! For the duration of the trip it consisted of us bullying them where ever they went crashing all their fights. Ty LordEx for donating AGS ~Videos~ Uploading
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    RE: Saturday trip. Imagine having 70 people on Teamspeak only to be bullied down to 40 opts ingame and being forced to bring 20 mains to compete. Disgusting main clan. LY mains in our capes A clean 1v1 with 16 legacy mains LOL Another clean 1v1 with 15 legacy mains LMFAO Imagine not being able to compete with 15 mains.
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