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pure account ex-mf looking for a warm home

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Checkout the community's yourself bud !
Find out what it is you want to do: clanwars / midweeks / official trips / just hang and such.

join some teamspeaks/discords, talk to the boys and then make a decision.

Goodluck ! LoveYou ❤️ weird canadian french guy

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foe is quite heavily gmt based so their events are earlier but if you enjoy chasing around 50 guys with 120 pull its your place to be

apex if you are looking for clanwars

ir/sup if you are looking for pvp action during merican times, IR is having them even later around 8est

probably want to stay away from the top clans because in general they have less action (can't risk losing now or people might catch up on the propaganda, cuh)

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3 hours ago, Stl Arrow said:

If you plan to stay pure I definitely recommend Foe. Foe is just as active midweek as MF was.

If you plan on going zerk then check us out @ https://resurgence-rs.com/community/ or click my sig for discord. Goodluck!

i remember you dude. I used to be in the zerker scene with veng when rivalry was kicking with Revenant// My rsn qas wutang-tank you prolly remember me

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