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cwa [COTM] Apex v.s. Rage 55v55 F2P Prep 3-0

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 12 hours ago, Nerdy said:

gz to apex and rage for having the balls to do a high opt prep unlike all these other pussy clans

emptyquoting dis



5 hours ago, Jyst said:

Enough is enough. Come back this instance.


(to team brief)


emptyquotin dis


12 hours ago, N uts ack said:

Not surprised main clan rage getting dicked in clean pure vs pure action 

fo lost to bp 3-2 in a big mini today


11 hours ago, Pigwrestler7 said:


Fo still sitting on the sidelines (and have been for a year) not trying to demoralise their bot members with ft50 events, but somehow feel the need to pipe up here.

Thanks for the action rage. 

fo lost to bp 3-2 in a big mini today

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