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    We got him

    I can tell you've never had a girlfriend
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    We got him

    So this is what supremacy discord looks like?
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    Envy is so shit.
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    We got him

    ur forums must be dead af, here take my post on your trash topic
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    On this day in 2003, a little noob called His Lordship was PKed in the Wilderness, and decided to start a clan to PK PKers, calling it the PK PKs. Thankfully he quickly realised that name sucked, and changed it to the Wilderness Guardians. Fifteen years on and that clan is still here today - the oldest clan in Old-School RuneScape. This is our story. A very special thank you to the Guardians, past and present, and to the wider clan community for all your support throughout our long history. It's been an amazing fifteen years. Here's to the next fifteen.
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    50-65 CB Pure? Join The Best xLPC Clan Today! Teamspeak: Coming Soon | Discord: https://discord.gg/DabJjrV | Clan Chat: Clan Noxious HELLO BREW, Today 12/20/18, marks our two months since opening Noxious. For our Thursday Midweek we peaked 15 shooters ready to empty our Draco clips. We had action against every clan/team and sadly tanks that went out today (ATL, Blitz, FH, EV, Viet). We also had a couple 1v1's + some 3 way clusters at CA/Corp hill. GF everyone! @Brock It only took a month to break you and I'll be waiting for whatever clan you try opening next pussy.
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    We got him

    'tis a meme section it don't have to make sense
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    If I had a dollar for every time I seen an Envy member say this after switching scenes I'd have 897k.
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    This clan is good I suggest you all join
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    okay pkeru3000 lmao
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    This is literally the same thing I read every time Envy gets bullied to another scene. I honestly don't know what sort of brain-dead mongoloid can stay in a clan that ignorant.
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    Nice ownage today fellas.
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    DMK ~ P2P Team ~

    Good luck come fight detrimental when you want we just opened aswell
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    Apex vs IR F2P

    Why fight a battle you wont win? Same reason FOE won't prep Apex. Foe knows and IR knows.
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    ironic that 12 year olds have a grasp on honor code than college students or young adults with college degrees
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    Becoming a Graphics Designer

    2 year old case, since then Maxx has been consistently regarded as one of the best designers in the dying community. That's just my 2 cents.
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    Becoming a Graphics Designer

    Next time your little komodobyte ego gets poked don't get so upset that you start digging up 2016 Sythe cases to discredit fellow designers, or things might actually backfire
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    Christmas time

    I guess I try my best to make people happy with the gfx L. Merry Xmas mate
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    Main callers are generally better than pure callers pure warrers are better mechanically mains have more honor per say pures have way higher opt fights mains fights can last days pures dont mains generally are more welcoming to new guys in which pures think everyone's a spy or leak
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    We got him

    Is it against the law if they were both 15 when they met? wut
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    TP Smoking Blue and Green Alliance

    Nice job
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