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announcement Discord & Gatekeeper Promotions

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Spring Promotions are here. We accepted applications this time around based on activity and how passionate these individuals are. With events coming around the corner and restoring older systems. We needed a few more people to help us pump them out. Please give a warm welcome to @Bryce@Uzi <3@Dead Ts @Pillow

We expect great things from you! Don't let us down :) 




Current FOE Applicant 

 Elite in Intense Redemption from April 2017 - February 2019


Current Foe Member
Founder of DT 


Discord Moderator

This will be our last promotion for the  Discord Moderator section for the next few months. We were going to close this system off as a lot of our applicants weren't qualified. 


Mentor in Phoenix

Current Officer in Supremacy

Dead TS


Legend Rank in CP



@Singles Trip 

Single Strip has been with Sharkbrew for six months. He will be moved to Retired as his IRL commitments are occupying his time. Thank you for your commitment to Sharkbrew.  



Apply to be a Sharkbrew Rank here

We are always looking at our application section and feel free to message me if you have any questions regarding the application process. 


All these promoted moderators will be on a two-week trial! 

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