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announcement What further measures should we take on the matter of FOE vs ROT?

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If you been living under a rock or haven't been up to date on the drama, here follows:

POV from a FOE Member:


xx: basically a long time ago Revenant ( some main clan ) started shit with Rot and can't remember sure why or how but rot told us we can't have any members from there in foe, so we agreed to remove them and stay out of main drama.
xx: that was some time ago
xx: then recently, apparently Austin was found to be in Revenant despite saying he left and they got mad and started camping us on trips.
xx: In the mean time, we approached them in private for days trying to resolve the issue.
xx: The leader of Rot told us to take action, since he didn't trust our word because he thinks as a clan Foe breached the previous agreement of not having any members in main clans opposing them. So he wouldn't come to any agreement in our PM and instead said "do something". Austin was the bigger man in this situation and left Foe because according to the previous agreement we had, he went against it so he manned up to protect Foe.
xx: Now even despite Austin no longer being a part of Foe, they haven't really changed their stance
xx: and here we are

POV from a ROT Member:


YY: Rot's had a colourful relationship with foe for past 6 months or so
YY: Started when they accepted a guy who was involved in doxing rot
YY: they wouldn't listen to rot so RoT crashed 1 trip and they removed him
YY: no but there was something there too
YY: "giggs"
YY: someone from the main scene
YY: but then they tried to hide him or something and in the end giggs helped out rot and rot/foe didn't interact
YY: till about 4 months ago? Rev a clan full of Frontline who were involved in doxing rot started crashing rot
YY: austin (foe leader) was in rev and some other rev members were in foe and rot basically said to foe they'd treat them as rev if they kept sharing members
YY: so some members stayed in rev and austin stayed in foe
YY: turns out austin whilst being foe leader was attending rev events under the alias "peterr" and crashing/1iteming rot
YY: when we found out they basically tried to rat us, considering they'd done similiar with at first kicking giggs, but then letting back in foe on a different alias ppl werent happy
YY: when rot said they'd treat foe as rev if they kept sharing members borzor took it upon himself to dox a rot member/ex foe leader
YY: but he was removed
YY: Austin standing down I think helped the situation, but because the leadership in foe have tried to rat RoT recently (giggs situation + austin saying he was leaving rev) there's not much trust that he's actually gone/won't come back
YY: especially as he's been saying some things privately
YY: + there isn't much appetite in RoT based on how Foe has aligned themselves with anti-rot clans to truce
YY: In fairness most of the main clan world is allied against rot, but foe do share about 7 members with pd (anti rot clan)

Currently topics that implies mains ragging pures are locked or hidden depending on severity, and moderation in discord chat has been ramped up quite significantly. However with respect to topics and the nearly daily flamewars between FOE and ROT in Sharkbrew discord, has it been disrupting the flow of conversations in there? and is there anything else sharkbrew should be doing on the discord and forum side?

The goal of this topic is to solicit feedback from the community as us rank have been bombarded with views from different bias angles and we wish to find out whether if it is necessary for us to step in further.

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Damage seems to already have been done, these main clans are more interested in doxing one another then taking it to wild or CWA. Shame really. Seems like a brutal scene =/ 

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1 hour ago, toenail884cutter7 said:

Why are other clans acting like its a big deal?

this is 2019 rot they are weak and struggle vs pures whahahahah lets go 

saving this for when foe bends the knee after rot cripples their clan

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