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Operation Ayuda: Eruption of Pure's leak 16,000 lines of Supremacy Rank Discord


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Produced and Published by:

Parm as yung_packets

Godae as scooter_d

foxy as hubie


Today we take a look into one of the all time worst rank structures to have been assembled in pure clanning history. A clan and rank team with no pride who continuously throughout their shit history has worn other clans capes instead of their own. A rank team easily manipulated by yours truly with a few simple discord PM's into kicking 5 innocent members while my multiple rank spies have still gone undetected. A clan with so little faith in their members that they created a bot script to mass log in 40 tanks to rag clans during their fights:



Without further adieu and on behalf of the EoP staff team, we present:

Supremacy Rank Discord:



PM Parm#0001 on discord to spy while you can.

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This clan is truly broken. I feel bad for any members still stuck in shitpremacy. They've used every garbage tactic in the book for the past year+ and it just keeps getting worse lmao! It makes sense though, their leaders are busy trying to post dox on a gay porn website instead of improve their clan...freaks

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