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    Join the resurgence today!
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    Was fun, GFs
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    Tyff vengers.
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    Stl Arrow

    Resurgence's Monday 0wnage

    Resurgence kicked this week off by doing some inners and tank tests, after a lot of laughs and improvements we felt ready for a pk trip. The trip started at Revenant Caves, it was a really nice and organized PK Trip lead by our beautiful warlord @16 pray ok. We scouted a mace team in the Rev Caves corridors, they had about 25-30 people in a dd, they were all risking a shit ton and we caught all of them in a huge barrage clump. After feasting in the caves for hours we took it to altar where we pked uncontested for another 40 minutes. We then tellied up to GDZ to find us some more loot, it did not take long until we ran into PR who we cleared twice. On the way down to bank we ran into a couple skulled veracers, quickly took their money and then we called it a night. Overall it was a successful day for the surgers. ~ Pictures ~ shoutout to @Shaun who planked to a pvmer^
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    FORUMS | DISCORD After completely destroying Vengeance earlier in the day we got word that our boyz over at Polygon were out deep wildy surprisingly. We didn't think twice before heading out to hunt them. We sent scouts to every spot you could think of and eventually found them around 50 ports where the slaughter began. We ended up fighting them and a few mains (i assume they were with Polygon) for roughly 5mins before SV came in to save the day. After banking our loot we went back to scouting when we got word from one of our men that Polygon were back at GDZ. We tellied up instantly except this time they didn't fight back for more then about 30 seconds before realizing they couldn't compete with us. After killing the last few SV came in again where we fought for a bit until they took off when Jaja rushed. We went to altar at the end of our trip where we ran into SV again. We had about the same numbers so we decided to not be pussies and give them a little action before calling it a night. Fighting maxed mains matched opts isn't really in our favor, but who cares about a few sets as long as everyone is having fun right? Towards the end of our trip we saw Veng single pking at altar with about 10-15ish but they weren't interested in a fight at this time. (RIP to Cheaky for almost getting 2 hit lmao) Overall it was an extremely successful day/night out for the Surgers (one of the better ones). Thanks for the action clan world, very impressed. ~ PICTURES ~
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    FORUMS | DISCORD Whether it was their recent merge with Destiny or the fact they fought us on Sunday up 10+ ops, Vengeance felt they had the leg up on us. Tonight we bumped into them deep and this time it was matched opts (21v21 to be exact). To say we dominated this fight would be an understatement really; it was a fucking bloodbath. They essentially teled up to GDZ and donated us their sets. Vengeance members weren't tanking longer than a single game tick, not to mention getting smited left and right. Remember, this is what happens when you fight us matched opts. Despite all the banter and flaming that comes from both of us we really do appreciate the competition as its very healthy for our scene when trying to attract others to become a part of it. Can't wait for the next appearance (hopefully CWA 😉), til next time.
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    lol @ noxi + od teaming in 1 cape and then getting mad when they lose
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    At least try and get your facts straight
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    Expedite what we have all foreseen.
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    Naughty victory
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    I know people frequently say "was easy" but this was probably the easiest and quickest uncontested clear i've ever been a part of in 8 years on this game
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    Website: https://clan-nrg.com ~ coming soon. TS: ts.clan-nrg.com Discord: https://discord.gg/bnTuCPc We are currently not accepting applications and are invitation only, please PM a High Council+ via our discord if you are interested in joining. Friday, January 11th We got word that a couple of clans were out PKing with around ~20 people, so we quickly massed up 25 strong NRGs, later peaking at ~30 to kill everyone. We were out for about ~3 hours and ran into XL/Anon/Noxi/OD/FH and owned them all. Thanks for the fights! Pov #1 Pov #2
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    F2P Hybrids peaked 20 for the first time in FH history. Started our trip by smoking "noxious" in a 20v20 fight, before they tried to call OD, the fight ended as 19v14 before we speed dialed our green nigs. Second Fight was FH dragging our dead dogs "noxious" ditch Third fight + Noxious closed their clan after converting to yellow capes for the remainder of the trip...
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    if thats what #1 looks like then yiiiikes haha
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    Resurgence Thursday Night Lights

    Last fight I saw you guys up ops and still going even with them. 🤔
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    Its Alan

    [IMT] Immortal Vs. Overdose F2P Prep

    Thanks for the action, even though we took the L, OD had lots of fun. TY
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    Resurgence Thursday Night Lights

    sounds about right. I wonder if we still get to do 2 CWAS next week, already about to forfeit the RSBL.
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    Oh hi CD

    Havent bought food for 2 weeks and im still wearing the clothes i had 2 years ago. Time to open a clan and get some free 10m - ace krave 2018
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    looks like veng got smoked not surprised
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    thanks all for the fight
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    Gf man. We had 21 to your 30+ on sunday if you wanna talk numbers 😘
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    easy lol. where's our competition? heard they merged 😜