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    Honestly u dont wanna get on supremacy's bad side. I remember when doom got their clan closed just by refusing to sit on gatedrop in a p2p prep, and now IR is getting their clan killed because of 3at stole their runescape banner lmfao
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    Bullies ~100+ cmb (or verified LPC snipe account) ~ Crashing/Warring Clan After having nothing planned today we just decided to head out for a quick small man and sweep wildy. Needless to say there wasn't much out, but we did run into LIths at GDZ, outnumbered we picked a few off and ran through new gate and made an nifty escape by closing the gate on them. After sweeping GDZ on other worlds and PKing some wilderness slayers, we decided to hit up bear pocket and ran into Rev; knowing we wouldn't have a chance if they called more we decided to dip with the loot we got off a couple mystic brids and some Kalisto killers. After they ended we moved to Rev caves where we found Lil Cards CC. Despite being out numbered we pulled off a sick clear on Lil Cards, bullying them into hopping and securing a couple of their members +1s. I want to thank everyone who attended the first unofficial Bully clan outing. We had called out our rivals "Paragon" (or as I like to call them, Polygon) for a PKRI, to which they decided not to show up. Stay tuned for more.
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    more recents

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    Big action
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    later peaking at 39 Battery Packed Savages
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    Was fun.
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    really easy in my opinion.
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    take notes btw. NRG on top baby.
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    Wow really neat! Love to see the xLPC blowing up!
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    Wtf is this lmao
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    gj bully clan
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    Thanks, though i'm posting this topic after our GMT members went to bed and didn't have them PM me their pics after the trip.
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    Cuz hassan pipped up. AAO baby
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    What caused your clan to be in a rivalry?

    nox calls funny
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    Apex is doomed

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    What caused your clan to be in a rivalry?

    Thats a ride or die clan to be in, flame one person the whole clan is on your back. Very well respected rivalry in my eyes.
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    What caused your clan to be in a rivalry?

    they flamed Mustafa once
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    Apex is doomed

    They have 17 leaks inside their clan atm, gl with your services mate.
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    ir/apex lol

    Sup Kyle
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    Apex is doomed

    Watch ur mouth when u speak to me
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    Blitzzzzzzzzzzzzzz baby
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    The day ir lose to fi is the day we close - @hotkeying